MH17,new facts or new lies before G20 Summit in Brisbane?

Today,one of the most infuence Russia’s TV channel,Perviy Kanal,showed a reportage about the Malaysia Airlines’ flight MH17,crushed on 17 July 2014 in Ukraine.Russian channel pretends caption they’ve got is not a fake and they received it from an unknown person presented like George Built,graduate of MIT and air-expert with 20 years experience.Vice-president of the Russian Union of Engineers,Ivan Andreevskiy,says the pic is not a fake.Due to coordinates we see on the pic,we can say that it was made by an american or english spy satellite.
We could see clearly how the missile from Ukrainian MIG-29’s(russian version)  left wing is directed and moves to the presuppose MH17.This satellite image was made public a day before G20 Summit starts in Brisbane,and it gets more questions than answers.For sure,tomorrow’s Summit will be hot and the ukrainian problem will be one of the most important on the global agenda.

Satellite caption with presupposed Ukraine's  MIG-29 strike on MH17 civil airplane,crashed on 17.07.2014 in Ukraine's Donbass
Satellite caption with presupposed Ukraine’s MIG-29 strike on MH17 Malaysia Airlines flight,crashed on 17/07/2014 in Ukraine,Donbass author: unknown date: unknown



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