MH17,new facts or new lies before G20 Summit in Brisbane?

Today,one of the most infuence Russia’s TV channel,Perviy Kanal,showed a reportage about the Malaysia Airlines’ flight MH17,crushed on 17 July 2014 in Ukraine.Russian channel pretends caption they’ve got is not a fake and they received it from an unknown person presented like George Built,graduate of MIT and air-expert with 20 years experience.Vice-president of the Russian Union of Engineers,IvanContinue reading “MH17,new facts or new lies before G20 Summit in Brisbane?”

Rusia-China,înțelegerea secolului

#Putin a lovit direct în țintă Bloomberg news ! acest proiect va fi cel mai grandios din istoria Rusiei moderne tratative ce au durat 10 ani,și ar fi durat tot atâta dacă nu am fi asistat la dezmățul din #Ucraina. Asistăm din nou la construirea unei lumi geo-politice bipolare,și desigur vom avea din nou războaie reci,iarContinue reading “Rusia-China,înțelegerea secolului”